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Social media and online dating has been around since the early ’90s. During the early ’90s many individuals utilized email servicing providers such as AOL or Yahoo to log onto online group chats. The group chats were broken up into categories, which would be based on individuals interests, hobbies, and age. Social media and online dating platforms has been successful for two decades.

Also, internet has evolved as well as social media, online dating, medias, and electronic currency. Many individuals prefer to meet someone through online or social media. This is where individuals decide which online dating best suits their needs or wants. On our site you are able to view individuals profiles, send messages, look at your daily views, and upload music or videos. As a bonus we have added benefits such as media services and electronic currencies capabilities. Also, our site provides a blog, which includes videos with tips that are beneficial to know.

Mission and Vision statements.

Our company’s mission is to provided excellent social interactions through our social site, media services, and transactions of electronic currencies at your fingertips for the betterment of our customers lifestyles. Our vision is to improve customers lifestyles and wealth through our great services. We value all human interactions and experience to deliver remarkable service with our team of professionals and partner affiliations.

Dating Online Safety Checklist Tips

  1. Never Send Money or Share Banking/Financial Information.
  2. Always Protect Your Personal Information.
  3. Stay on Our Platform Online.
  4. Be Wary of Long Distance or Overseas Relationships.
  5. Report All Suspicious and or Offensive Behavior(s).
  6. Meet in Person in a public place or area.
  7. Sexual Health and Consent is important.
  8. Sexual Health: Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (SDT’s), sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and HIV by using condoms.
  9. Know Your Status of health such as, do you have any STD’s or STI’s or HIV? Please visit your doctor office, clinic, or free county clinic to check your health.
  10. Consent: Remember, all physical interactions should be mutual, meaning both you and the other individual should agree to have physical interactions and or sex. If you say no to the person you are dating regarding sex or any physical interaction, remind them “No Means No.” Date rape is real and should be reported.
  11. Protect Your Account by keeping your password safe and strong.
  12. Read our Resources for Help, Support on our Contact Us, Help, and Support Tab.
  13. Contact Us if issues arise or the US Resources, Support phone listings in the U.S located below the contact form.
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